Costa Rican Horseback Riding

- Vacation that children never forget -



This holiday season Santa brought children an unforgettable experience in  Monteverde Costa Rica. We keep this going also without Sta. Claus

Christmas at Smiling Horses Monteverde

As a holiday special Smiling Horses now offers Pony Riding for little children...

Come to Smiling Horses and take your kids on our ponies and take them for a walk.

Smiling Horses knows from experience that children are happy with ponies because of their size and characters.

Our pony Pitufa is a member of our team since 11 years and has her children working with us too. They are all our family and therefore very safe and trained.

Your children will get to help to get the pony ready and the parent will walk with the pony. There will be supervision and guidance along the tour.  Children are on the trail for about 30 min.

The tour itself lasts about 1 hour.

Price $ 25 US per pony.




Visit our horse farm in Monteverde

An exciting place for children with

ponies, cats, dogs, and chicken & parakeets! 

It is also a great hang out for adults

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Smiling Horses pony walk

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See more pictures or children feedback children's drawings of horseback riding in Monteverde

This 1 hour unforgettable experience for your child costs $ 25 US.

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Depending on interest and experience we offer the 2 hour campesino tour at $ 45 US or day ride for $ 105 US per person.  

We work with few horses for a better quality for you - make sure you have your reservation  Book now

More information at   phone: 00506-8385-2424  or whatsapp

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