Sabine's Smiling Horse Shirocco  our first pure Tobiano

Linda's first baby

the most precious baby ever and tame right from the start.

Born 19th of July 2007.


sabine's smiling horses shirocco

 He knows no fear and is curious about all our  family members.


I really fit in here now.....

Shirocco at Smiling Horses 

first mount Shirocco 2010 Shiroccos first mount

the first time ever we mounted our little

"want to be stallion" in our ring.


first time father the 16.03.2011 of Aragon.

In 2012 he will have 4 foals,

some wanted and some accidentally...

1st is Alisha 18.05.2012

2nd is Yuni 09.06.2012

3rd is Julian 28.06.2012

4th is LG (Little Gladiator)

now he has done his duty and can be integrated in the herd.

Our sweet heart will be no more lonely.


Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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