Sabine's Happy filly  Lizzy  

Lizzy - we tried to breed Sirena 3 years and finally we got Lizzy as a surprise. Vets from San Jose made an ultra sound and said she would be born in April, but 06.02.2005 on a sunny Sunday morning we had her happily born in the field next to her mother. 

She was very little, but she caught up fast.

Unlike Aska, her half sister she will be a very fine horse, that you can see some of the Arabian features of her father.



Happy foal in Monteverde Costa Rica born
Lizzy and Jimmy in Monteverde Costa Rica

There is nothing more special than a new born, she tried to stand on her weak unfolded feet to follow her mother in the barn. With just 1 day she starts already trying to run backward and forward. Her 3 week older half sister seams now already huge compared to her. They look very similar and they soon have fun running together in the field.

horse born in Monteverde 

I am now 4 months old. 

At age 2 months I did walk in the lead and stand tied at the food box. Everybody is proud of me.

Sabine's Smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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