Sabine's Smiling Horse - Tango - a challenge

Tango is our Teenager. He is 5 years old is very easy in the lead, but knows exactly who he wants on him and whom he doesn't. There is still plenty of schooling necessary to be a real Tope horse. 

horse tango in monteverde
horse tango in the pension sta. elena monteverde

Once he finds complete trust in people Tango will not only be the nicest looking horse, but also the most expensive one. In his short time in Monteverde he lost already his head shyness and is not running away but curious coming and checking out.

in May 2001 he had a very bad accident. He run trough the village freaked by a plastic bag got into a vegetable store freaked once more because he slipped on the tiles. He knew that he came into that door, but meanwhile it was shut. He cut himself running through the 5 mm glass door so bad that he needed to be stitched by 2 vegetarians for about 4 hours. I treated him with special care every day for about 2 month with the open wounds on the lower leg, that could not been stitched. First I was happy he was healing so well, but finally I was so worried because he developed proud flesh. I don't know how it happened , but mentally I tried to help him stopping this proud flesh and now August 2001 I can say he is completely healed. I am soooo happy. You can guess how close I got to him during this time, working also on his psychological damage by the accident.
July 2002 - time for an update: Tango is now happily working in my horse team. Not for people yet but for guiding some of my tours and exploring new trails.
horse photo tango portrait

smiling horse tango

horse photo tango

children and horses a perfect combination

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