Sabine's smiling horses

first foal born on the farm 

her first new born foal

Tarisha - Sabine bought Salinka pregnant at 5 months, but she did not believe it until it was obviously seen. Studying books about foaling helped her to get Salinka anything she needed to deliver a healthy baby. The most exciting thing the morning they came down together to get food. Yesterday one today two!!!

And the feeling to see her run around the mother in circles and neighing with a smooth voice to greet already the 4th day.

There was something else special. Not only us were stunning at the newborn, but also all my other horses stood at the fence and were walking up and down. Apache could not stop this for about 1/2 hour neighing and greeting the new arrival. Still on and off in the day they came to the fence and were watching.

Salinka and Tarisha first day 2 Salinka and Tarisha first day 4
Salinka and Tarisha  first day 1 Salinka and Tarisha first day 3

sabines smiling horses in Monteverde Costa Rica

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at the farm Ph: 506-645-6894 or 506-385-2424

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