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Costa Rican Horseback Riding Vacation




- working at present 2016

Smiling Horses get our riding guests now more to smile as he smiles, knows about horses and to top it also knows english.





- worked for Smiling Horses 2012 - 2015

He is the person that makes everybody feel comfortable on the horse, no matter what. He does not talk much, but he always smiles :-)




- working for me since December 2008 - 2010

He is the person that makes everybody feel comfortable on the horse, no matter what. His ease and smile carries everybody along on the ride.




- working for Smiling Horses January 2006 - 2008

He does not only know how to handle horses in a peaceful way but also people. He cruises along quietly and works to please any time he can.


horse guide jimmy Jimmy

- working from January 2004 - 2006 & 2010 - 2012

He helps for taking care of my horses, is energetic, very well balanced and knows the touch on the horse naturally.

Coming from a horse family and having a soft touch on the horses is equal with his patience with people to make everybody happy on the horse.


Sabine's Smiling Horses volunteer Laura Laura

 Volunteering at Sabine's Smiling Horses in July and August 2004 - she is one of the pearls you never forget!!! 

Always knowing where help is needed and truly loving and caring for our place, children and animals. 

She missed us too, so she came back in Spring 2005... 

and again in the summer of 2007 and 2008...


horseback riding guide Mainor in Monteverde


- working with me from April 2002 until January 2004 -

I am very grateful, he helped me build up my horse farm and he did a very good job guiding the people on the trail.

In the picture too - my daughter Tara 14 months on Apache (20.11.02)

horseback riding guide Juakin in Monteverde Juakin

He is the one that is always helpful, always available when I need him, no matter day or time..

Horseback riding guide Phillie in Monteverde Phillie

A German woman that stayed in Monteverde and helped me take care of my horses and riders in 2002. I am very grateful for her help and for always smiling at my requests for my horses.

Sabine Monteverde Costa Rica Sabine

German - English - Spanish - French

Available on special request.

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Depending on interest and experience we offer the 2 hour campesino tour at $ 45 US or day ride for $ 105 US per person.  

We work with few horses for a better quality for you - make sure you have your reservation  Book now

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