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Vaulting is an equine sport that allows the participants to dance harmoniously to the rhythm of their beautiful mount, to learn the art of synchronization, to fly through the airs, to appreciate the gracefulness of every individual movement, and understand the couple that horse and partner can create together.  These are just some of the feelings that a vaulter can live while experiencing the act of team work, mixing the arts of gymnastics, dance and horse riding, of finding perfect balance and developing a definite level of courage.

We are working to fundraise money so that we can hold camps and lessons for local children.

Sabine's Smiling Horses Vaulting Project, the free fun for kids, has been set up to allow the less fortunate children the possibility of experiencing the joys of horse riding and the mix of gymnastics and dance.

Sabine believes that all children should be able to touch the sky, play with the stars, dance in the wind and enjoy the feeling of total freedom upon their mount.  Vaulting will help these children establish a relationship with horses, with other team members alike and develop various skills that will be beneficial in their everyday life. 

To help Sabine’s wish of fulfilling the dreams of the local children come true, a certain amount of funding is still needed.  The horses are ready, the material is waiting, and the children are excited but without your help, the project cannot take off.

 Please help Sabine offer the joys of vaulting to the children.  Put a smile on their faces and allow them to fly high, and touch the sky.

Every little bit helps.  Thank you!



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For any help you want to offer contact us in Monteverde Costa Rica: 

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